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Our public conversation has become highly dysfunctional. More and more people are afraid to speak out publicly on certain issues because they don't have the 'right' opinion. 

The shutdown of pluralistic conversation stifles the creativity needed to tackle our most pressing and deep-rooted social and environmental problems.

Our mission is to sow the seeds of a new conversation to rebuild our sensemaking mechanisms. We bring together open-minded people who are willing to engage in deep and challenging conversations about the causes of our cultural crisis, and how we can use the crisis creatively to plant the seeds of genuine human flourishing.

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About us

Protopia Lab is an independent think tank and social innovation lab, based in Barcelona, that fosters a new pluralistic and non-dogmatic conversation to rebuild our sensemaking mechanisms.

The Western world is experiencing an increasingly totalitarian atmosphere, where people feel they cannot speak the truth about reality for fear of the consequences. We believe that in order to have a chance of a self-determined and peaceful future, we need to break out of the current impasse and have honest and pluralistic discussions about the causes of our cultural crisis and how we can creatively use this crisis to take steps towards true human flourishing.


"Is progress a belief or a fact?"


Mary Harrington, one of the most thought-provoking writers of our time, is coming to Barcelona for a talk and seminar.


The talk is on Thursday, 23 May 18.30 h – 20.00 h

Ateneu Barcelonès, Barcelona

Participants are invited to a drink after the event.

Reservation required.

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