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Very soon, when the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted throughout Europe, we will be able to meet again in person. It will be the right moment to fully kick off the Protopia Lab with a big conference.
However, fundraising is not easy in these pandemic times. We need your support to make the Protopia Lab thrive.
If you believe like we do that we urgently need to plant the seeds for a new undogmatic conversation to regain trust between different tribes, please become a supporter and join us on this journey. 

We need to grow beyond our ideological bubbles and start seeing issues from multiple perspectives if we want to meet the considerable challenges we face in our societies.

We would especially value if you could become a regular supporter but are grateful for any support that you can afford.

We hope to contribute with this project to the emergence of new alliances and syntheses of ideas across ideologies and movements with a high potential for renewing societal trust and cohesion and creating high levels of societal support for solutions and pathways for ecological transition.

If you have doubts or questions about how you can best support the Protopia Lab or if you want to get involved in other ways, do not hesitate to contact us.